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Camp is a registered charity run by volunteers, a residential arts centre that offers short courses led by the world’s most celebrated artists, musicians, writers and thinkers – such as Laure Prouvost, Gavin Bryars, Annea Lockwood, Christina Kubisch, Anne Bean, Chris Watson, Eli Keszler, Bill Drummond, Phill Niblock, KODE9, Nils-Udo and many more. They’re based in the French Pyrenees, 2000ft above sea level, surrounded by snowcapped peaks, ancient forests and glacial lakes; it’s a spectacular place to study and make work.

All students also have access to audio, video, and photography editing suites as well as performances spaces, a cinema, and arts library, they also offer payment plans and grants. Courses include electronic music with Laurel Halo, and Let Your Lone Ranger Ride with Bill Drummond.

You can find out more here.

CAMP from CAMP on Vimeo.


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