Submit a track to ‘Mobile Music’ a Clan Analogue compilation album


This is a callout we received last week from a favourite local label Clan Analogue. They’re a label that have consistently championed Australian electronic music over the last couple of decades. You can read our review of Michael Mildren’s Clan Analogue album from earlier in the year.

“Clan Analogue is seeking submissions to a new compilation album which celebrates music creation with mobile tools.
We are looking for music made with small, battery-powered, portable gear. Examples of used equipment might include (but are not limited to): iOS music apps, Pocket Operators, OP-1, Volcas, grooveboxes such as Circuit, etc.

While we are not seeking submissions of sounds generated with software synths running on laptops, submitted music can be mixed in a computer-based DAW, as long as all sound sources in your track come from external, mobile music making tools. Music mixed exclusively with the use of mobile tools is of course also welcome. Other creative ways of interpreting the theme will be considered.

As a general rule, tracks should be shorter than 6 minutes, but if you create a really cool longer track that doesn’t get boring we would consider it.

For a reference on what style of music fits Clan Analogue, please listen to the past label releases following the links from our Releases page.

Every submission needs to be accompanied by a brief explanation of how your track was created and an image showing the studio setup and mobile equipment that you used. This information will be incorporated into the album artwork or accompanying promotional material.

Send submissions to as Dropbox (or similar) download links to 320kbps AAC or MP3 files.
Please don’t send any files as email attachments. Wav files will be requested for any tracks that are selected for inclusion.

Deadline for submissions: September 15th 2018
For more information contact:
Nicholas Bates
Master Management


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