Sahel Sounds offer ‘pay as you like’ download of Field Recordings from the Sahel


Sahel Sounds are offering a ‘pay as you like’ download from their bandcamp page: Field Recordings from the Sahel presents sounds of desert oases, late night radio broadcasts, village calls to prayer, and riverboats drifting down the Niger river. They describe it as “A nice companion piece to the musical work from the blog, this an hommage to the sounds that don’t always find their way onto records. We made limited cassettes for a kickstarter awhile back, and we have a few copies left – but it’s also available for *pay as you like* download from our bandcamp. Enjoy!”

You can find it here.

Not much more to say except we’ve been a big fan of the label since catching Mdou Moctar perform in the UK a few years back. Since then we’ve reviewed a number of their releases including Gao Rap: Hip Hop from Northern Mali, the hypnotic beauty of Les Filles Illighadad, Luka Productions‘ remarkable new age album, the infectious Tureg sounds of Afous D’Afous and even interviewed the head honcho Christopher Kirkley himself.


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