Make It Up Club turns 20!


In January 2018, Make It Up Club turns 20!

To celebrate this, we are organising an extra special month of concerts each Tuesday from the 9th – 30th of January

A key aim of MIUC is to facilitate inter-regional collaborations between diverse performers and idioms with a focus on enabling established and emerging artists to develop musical relationships and experiences by performing in adventurous improvised contexts.

This curatorial philosophy is at the heart of the 20th Birthday Festival and we are now excited to announce the lineup for this very special occasion!


Tom Fryer / Dave Brown / Chris Rainier

Super Occult Cosmophon [TAS] – Julia Drouhin / Pip Stafford

Nat Grant / Sarah Galdes [US/AU] / Mat Watson

Scott McConnachie / Ren Walters / Erkki Veltheim

Jim Denley [NSW] / Stevie Richards / Erin Taylor / Matthias Schack-Arnott


Elizabeth Millar [CA/AU] / Craig Pedersen [CA] / Belinda Woods

Rod Cooper / Ari Sharp / Nik Kennedy / Maz Benjamas / Kerrie Farnsworth

Byron Scullin / Carolyn Connors

Toecutter [NSW] / Bridget Chappell / Aloysious Falcon aka Gem Falconer

Umbilical Tentacle / Curse Ov Dialect / Emile Zile


Judith Hamann [US/AU] / Bonnie Lander [US] / Clare Cooper [NSW]

Anthony Pateras [DE/AU] / Rohan Drape / Anthony Burr [US]

Ned Collette [DE/AU] / Joe Talia [JP/AU] / Lizzy Welsh / James Rushford / Alex Garsden / Aviva Endean

Mette Rasmussen [NO] / Sofia Jernberg [SE] / Clayton Thomas [NSW]

The MirrorUnit – Tim O’Dwyer [SG/AU] / Georg Wissel [DE]


Robin Fox / Romy Seven / Sage Pbbbt / Sean Baxter / Phil Bywater

Nicola Morton [NSW] / Matt Earle [NSW] / Fjorn Butler / Naretha Williams

Steve Heather [DE/AU] / Maria Moles / Reuben Lewis / Lucas Abela [NSW]

Occult Blood / Ghouns


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