Filastine & Nova are playing in Melbourne next week


Cobra Culture & No Scene DJs are bringing Filastine & Nova (Spain) (Indonesia) to Melbourne, performing music from their album Drapetomania.

We’ve been fans of Filastine for a while now. You can read our review of 2009’s Dirty Bomb here, and 2012’s Loot here.

Supporting DJ’s: –
Raceless (Curse ov Dialect)
Saca La Mois DJ! (Cumbia Cosmonauts)
Em Dash (New Zealand)
MONDO LOCO (Terrific Tapes From Turkey)
+ Special Guests
COMBAT WOMBAT (full band lineup)

//Dance Performance

ALL PROCEEDS DONATED TO THE ASYLUM SEEKER RESOURCE CENTER + UNCLE KEV (KEVIN BUZZACOTT) an Aboriginal elder from the Arabunna nation in northern South Australia + his work with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and his fight against Roxby Downs Uranium Mine

Jan 26th Loop Bar (Melbourne)
You can find out more here.


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