Jon Hopkins to DJ in Sydney NYE


Whilst UK artist Jon Hopkins is completing his as yet untitled 5th album, he’s taking time out to celebrate new years eve in Sydney with an exclusive DJ set.

We’ve been fans of Hopkins for years from his collaborations with David Holmes and Brian Eno to his production work (Coldplay), film scores (Monsters), remixes (for the likes of Four Tet and Nosaj Thing) and compositional work – he’s definitely an intruiging and multi faceted artist.

We interviewed Hopkins way back in 2009 where he discussed his love of the Eagles, Neutral Milk Hotel, working with Leo Abrahams and opening for Coldplay. You can read that here.

We also reviewed his 2009 album Insides. You can read that here.

In his DJ sets he’s renowned for dropping different edits or new pieces into his sets, and he possesses a wide musical palette. He’s joined by the Berlin based Fantastic Man, Trinity, Planéte, Phondupe and U-Khan for a full venue takeover at the Oxford Art Centre.

You can find more information here.


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