Sebastian Mullaert takes us through each track on his new EP on Apollo


Swedish producer Sebastian Mullaert’s new EP, All The Keys Are Here, on R&S sub label Apollo is full of delicate ambient techno recalling the earliest Apollo releases in the 90s as much as more recent ‘ambient acid’ from Tin Man.

Mullaert generously sent us a track-by-track rundown of the EP and the classic Roland gear used to make them.

Close your eyes, open your hand, fall…
Rest in this Presence; See
And let the keys be played in the endless space of You

Every Moment I Am
All The Keys Are Here is the name of this EP and the name refer to the view and experience that everything is here right now, everything that can be now is now. We have all the keys to be here right now in the way that this very moment allow us to be. Beyond the temporary expression of life, beyond the specific manifestation of this very moment we are … I am … AM … a beingness beyond identity and manifestation, a witness of this very moment, an experience taking place; moment after moment, every moment … I am.

The track Every Moment I am, like the rest of the 4 songs on this EP are spontaneous jams recorded and played in one take.

Played with – Rhodes Piano, Roland 808, Roland 303 (and a rack of outboard effects).

Earth Blossom
Earth Blossom came to life after a long walk in the woods, a summer morning when the forest slowly woke up. I love to create soundscapes, sonic and rhythmical frames to rest in … spaces to float in, small things changing, evolving, growing organically. Earth Blossom is almost like the ambience of a forest, the piano solo being a curiosity of the Counsiousness witnessing the beauty of is All.

Played with – Piano, Roland 101, Roland 808, one drum sample (and a rack of outboard effects).

Visitor’s Path
Nature, like us, have many different faces, many different ambiences and emotional states. Visitor’s Path is a journey thru the more mysterious moments of our journey. Moments when we feel as visitors, within the deeper aspects of ourselves.

Played with – Juno 60, Roland 101, Roland 303, Roland 808, a few samples in Abelton (and a rack of outboard effects).

Wings of Remembrance
In Wings of Remembrance the piano leave the solo position and creates the foundation as a short loop, slowly changing and evolving …giving room for the pads to wander around spontaneously. This track came to life in a very similar way as Earth Blossom and still they express very different personalties; I almost see them as siblings.

Played with – Piano, Roland 808, Moog Voyager (and a rack of outboard effects).

Sebastian Mullaert’s All The Keys Are Here is out now on Apollo/R&S.


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