Listen to Nightmares On Wax’s ‘The EXP Tapes 86-97 (Volumes 1-8)’ and download the whole thing for free


This year has seen N.O.W (a.k.a George Evelyn) undertake a heavy world DJ tour and he’s just played out at the seventh and most successful Ibiza Wax Da Jam residency. Aside from travelling the world, Evelyn has become increasingly inspired by a newer breed of artist including Soulection, Kaytranada, Loyle Carner as well as peers such as Moodyman, Andres and Karizma. This new found inspiration, plus the rediscovery of the EXP mixtapes, has led George to venture back into the studio and get back to the very foundations of Nightmares on Wax, creating the sounds that have made him an influential figure across the production community.

George says:

“The NOW Experience tapes are a collection of tapes ranging from ‘86-’97 made in connection with me and my crew, the ICL posse from Leeds, which stands for Inner City Life. The members of that crew are Code Name Tee, Tozz 180, FST, Ten Ton and Thunder. We all used to practice making demos in my mum’s living room from around 87. We used a 4 track cassette and a sampler and these are some of these demo tapes. In between every session I would make these sample tapes which I called Experience. My DJ name is E.A.S.E which stands for Experience-A-Sample-Expert. Hence the EXP. Within the tapes are some crew tracks and some instrumental sample based tracks, which became the foundations of A Word of Science and Smoker’s Delight etc. I still reference back to these tapes now and again for inspiration. Through these tapes you’ll hear the seed, birth and ingredients of many N.O.W classics. I feel it’s time to share these with the world.

You can download ‘The EXP Tapes 86-97 (Volumes 1-8) from


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