Listen to Hyetal’s new ‘Run From The Light’ EP


Hyetal returns with his first long form piece of music since 2013’s ‘Modern Worship’ LP. On the 3-track release the producer (real name David Corney) further explores the creation of electronic pop atmospheres and uses his voice for the first time. He was inspired by the true electro acoustic reverbs of The Flamingos on their 1959 doo-wop classic ‘Flamingo Serenade’ as well as the most sinister post-punk kraut grooves of Bauhaus.

The EP was recorded using ‘out of the computer’ reverb techniques – which were then sampled and resampled and manipulated back into the recording process, blurring the lines between making his own samples and writing for the finished track.

The EP will be presented with a website made in collaboration with acclaimed Royal College of Art artist Dominic Hawgood and designer Kenneth Shaw, an online place designed to provide a synergistic experience with the music. The artwork itself is based on abstracted portraits shots of the producer, obscured by geometric structures in the same way the music combines the acoustic/personal and the digital/impersonal.

Hyetal’s ‘Run From The Light’ is out now, and you can stream the entire EP from the link below;


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