Listen to an hour long Alice Coltrane special from Triple R.


Last night Sophie Miles who you may as honcho behind Mistletone did a one hour Alice Coltrane special on Melbourne’s Triple R fm as part of their Max Headroom slot. As big fans of Coltrane’s extraordinary work as a bandleader we couldn’t help but share it. Whether it’s harp, piano, organ or synthesizer, her sound is unmistakably her own and unmistakably deep and spiritual. So strap yourself in for an hour of some of the most remarkable music you could ever hope to hear, as Sophie traces Coltrane’s move from secular jazz into devotional sounds. It’s the shortest hour you will ever experience.

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Playlist: Max Headroom Alice Coltrane special, Triple R 102.7FM, September 22, 2016
The Sun (from Cosmic Music, 1968)
Oceanic Beloved (from A Monastic Trio, 1968)
Journey in Satchidananda (from Journey in Satchidananda, 1971)
Hare Krishna (from Universal Consciousness, 1971)
Going Home (from Lord of Lords, 1972)
Jagadishwar (from Turiya Sings, 1982)
Hari Narayan (from Divine Songs, 1987)
Yamuna Tira Vihari (from Turiya Sings, 1982)

“Chanting is a devotional engagement, one that allows the chanter to soar to higher realms of spiritual consciousness. Chanting is a healing force for good in our world, and also in the astral worlds. Chanting can bring the person closer to God because that person is calling on the Lord. When one calls to even a friend, a mother, or any other relative in a kindly way, he gets the response, also in a reciprocal way.” – Alice Coltrane/Swamini Turiyasangitananda from the original liner notes of Divine Songs (1987)


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