Listen to ‘Going Somewhere,’ the first new music from iconic Aussie minimal wave band The Metronomes for 12 years


Well it’s been 12 years, but minimal wave electronic outfit The Metronomes are back with new material. The Metronomes were a post punk minimal wave group operating out of Melbourne in the late 70′s and early 80′s, releasing two singles and two albums, Multiple Choice in 1980 and Regular Guys in 1985 on Cleopatra records, whilst self releasing their third album Today in 2004 after a lengthy hiatus. Well after another hiatus, and (relatively) hot on the heels of 2014’s excellent Time Keeping 1979 – 1985 LP (Nice Noise), a collection of their early material, they’ve produced a new album, Going Somewhere, that’s due to drop in July on Melbourne’s IT Records.

The Metronomes are Andrew Picouleau (Sacred Cowboys), Al Webb (Streetlife) and Ash Wednesday (Models, Jab, Einstürzende Neubauten). As you can hear on the title track, ‘Going Somewhere,’ their new album possesses the kind of eclectic and ingenious musical absurdity of it’s predecessors with it’s stripped back yet highly focussed electrics and off kilter perspective. IT Records calls it ‘a master class in electronic pop,’ and it’s difficult to disagree.

Going Somewhere will be available in an ultra limited pressing of 200 vinyl LPs as well as CD & Digital.You can find out more and pre order here.


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