Listen to Berlin’s Moscoman remix Algerian Tuareg band Imarhan and hear worlds transformed in the funkiest way possible


Southern-Algerian band Imarhan offer a unique and mesmerising blend of traditional Tuareg music, jazz, funk and rock music. Whilst there are links to the likes of Tinariwen and Mdou Moctar, they’re very much on their own trip. They’ve just released their self-titled album on City Slang/ Inertia, toured the U.S and they’re now returning to Europe.

The band’s very first remix comes from Berlin based DJ and producer MOSCOMAN, the curator and owner of the notorious Disco Halal record label which rose to fame in the last two years for turning elements of Middle Eastern Dance Classics into post modern Club Hits.

Moscoman works his magic with the title track and overall anthem, “Imarhan”, turning it into an exhilarating funked up desert-disco-banger!

“Imarhan” (Moscoman Remix) is available now via Bandcamp and will soon be out on limited vinyl.


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