Listen to a short mix of Indonesian music from Cyclic contributor Zacharias Szumer


Here’s a short mix by Indonesia based Cyclic Defrost contributor Zacharias Szumer of several Indonesian bands. It’s not at all genre (or conceptually) consistent but most of the featured bands, are currently active or have been active in the last 10 years… If you’re interested in Indonesian music Zach has written a great piece about synth building in Indonesia and Indonesian experimental music, New Weird Indonesia.

Catat Nada – “Cinta Melulu” (Jojga)
Anjing Dub – “Naek Kuda” (Bandung)
Jingga – “Tentang Aku” (Jakarta
Sisi Tipsi – “Alkohol” (Jakarta)
Frigi Frigi – “Partikel Kita Sama” –(Jakarta)
Intenna – “Flowery” (Malang)


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