Listen to Adrian Sherwood team up with Japan’s Nisennenmondai for sparse motorik workout


Nisennenmondai are three girls from Tokyo, Sayaka Himeno (drums), Yuri Zaikawa (bass) and Masako Takada (guitar), who have been playing instrumental music together since 1999. From their initial beginnings as a noisy no wave band openly referencing influences such as Sonic Youth, DNA and This Heat, they have since honed and streamlined their sound into a more minimalistic pulse with an emphasis on the hypnotic possibilities of repetition, creating a sound that can be likened to ‘organic techno’. In 2015 they collaborated with UK producer Shackleton.

This track #3 is from their forthcoming album #N/A which is released on April 1st 2016 on On-U Sound, and if this track is anything to go by with its sparse extended motorik rhythms, then it should be cracker.

Did we mention it was produced by legendary producer Adrian Sherwood?



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