Listen to “Amusement,” a strange and intense new track from Astor (Mark Harwood)


Mark Harwood’s third album under his Astor moniker slips away from the obtuse atmospheres and concrete field recordings of Alcor and Inland (released on Graham Lambkin’s Kye label in 2012 and 2013 respectively). Lina in Nida sits more in a melodic electronic framework covering a wide range of sonic and emotional states. Though you wouldn’t necessarily know it from this piece, “Amusement” which according to Harwood “tackles a cosmic music, but one that hurtles itself far beyond the outer regions of the cosmos.” It’s an incredible drone of high performance machinery re imagined as dreamy reverb soaked waves of melancholia. Like much of his work, it’s unconventional and difficult to pigeonhole, or even comprehend what’s happening.

Lina in Nida (Penultimate Press) “is a thrilling expose of intense atmospheres, emotional states, and ecstatic physics.”

It was recorded in a bedroom in Clapton, East London, throughout 2014 and ’15 and is available from here.

Also check out the fascinating Cyclic Selects he did for us earlier in the year.

Stay tuned for a review.


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