Listen to the classic cumbia sounds of Los Kumbia Killers’ “Senaida”


Melbourne’s Los Kumbia Killers, are a four piece led by accordionist Carlos Parraga (Barons of Tang /Cumbia Cosmonauts) who play Colombian roots and popular Caribbean music. Their sounds are from the 70s and 80s with a rude boy edge. Los Kumbia Killers bring a party mix of classic Cumbias, Vallenatos and Porros, and this track “Senaida,” is very much in this vein.

After his musical pilgrimage to the north coast of Colombia, Carlos decided to get together a crew of fellow South American musicians to help him perform the songs that he learnt while training with the accordion masters on the coast. It’s a great track and the artwork is even better, as they do their best to rectify the distinct lack of beach accordion action in modern music. Enjoy.


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