Listen to AGF’s incredible Yosano Akiko (1878-1942) – Amidst The Notes


AGF is one of our favourite forward thinking musicians.

She’s just released the third instalment of her work on women’s poetry, A Deep Mysterious Tone, based on Japanese poetry. It follows Gedichterbe (2011) and Kuuntele (2013), based on German and Finnish poetry respectively.

Though we only spoke to her just over a year ago we wanted to find out more, and we have a two part interview that we’ll share online in the next few days. In the meantime enjoy this piece from her latest album A Deep Mysterious Tone.

And here’s a sneak peek from her discussion with Cyclic’s Malcolm Angelucci where she discusses the links between her poetic albums.

“I started to understand how different languages have different histories or sometimes parallel [ones], in this sense. For instance, the first poem I found in Finnish was also a religious poem, by a woman who had disguised herself because she wasn’t allowed to write. That happened in the Japanese context as well. In Finnish, the first one I found was from the 17th century. So you learn a lot about language, and history of language and written and spoken language, and also social class…”


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