Listen to DJ Marfox’s remix of Panda Bear’s Come to Your Senses.


Probably one of the most unexpected sonic combinations this year is the DJ Marfox’s remix of Panda Bear‘s Come to your Senses. You’re probably aware that Panda Bear is from Animal Collective, though has released a series of increasingly complex solo albums,leaving the US to live in Portugal. DJ Marfox meanwhile is at the forefront of Lisbon’s new sound, where Angolan rhythms and DIY electronics combine to create an innovative and exciting club scene. Documented by the local Principe label, Marfox alongside the likes of DJ Niggaa Fox, Niagara and Nidia Minaj, have been making waves with their incredible fusions of sound.

It comes from a remix EP featuring Pete Rock, Andy Stott, Container, DJ Marfox, and Danny L Harle.

In case you’re looking for a point of comparison here’s Panda Bear’s original.


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