Best Available Technology – Bulldozer Rituals (Styles Upon Styles)



Best Available Technology – Oregon-based Kevin Palmer – delivers a real oddity and gem in Bulldozer Rituals, this is good heady sludge right here. Bulldozer Rituals basically sounds like an asylum or old person’s home for synths and drum machines.

‘Bulldozer Rituals’ and ‘Vulgar Geometry’ are journeys into wonky experimentalism, utilising off-beat boom-bap along with clouded and imperfect reverberating synths, but calculated in experimental fashion to deliver pulsing spatial and smoked-out background noise that is half-asleep, half-awake. ‘Venom, Pheromone and Phosperous’ works in this way too, except cut to a beat a bar with a clouded sample shot. This is led by a single high note changing in pitch like a ghost.

Last two tracks ‘Contrecoup’ and ‘Tide Tunnels’ are on the 4-4 spectrum, using a techno formula as the point of hypnosis, minimally lacing in percussive and other synth layers to complement the trance. This effect really does hit the spot, and the addition of these two tracks serves the EP well, although one might say that they are a world apart from the previous tracks in terms of genre. I would say in reply that genre is no convention in the overall sound of Bulldozer Rituals.

The result of Bulldozer Rituals was a hypnotic spell that reaches into the recesses of your brain, attempting to light up all those synapse points we forget about when we wake up and go about our usual mundane third-dimensional chores.

Bulldozer Rituals is part four of the Bangers and Ash 12″ series for Styles Upon Styles, a label out of New York City. The 12″ is coming out on 26 August.



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