Cignol/t-woc – Split 7″ (The Alphabet Set)


I’ve always loved the 7” format, it’s a relatively cheap way of taking a risk with something different, a way to broaden ones musical horizons.

The Alphabet Set release this 7″ by its two core members, Cignol and t-woc, I didn’t know what to expect from this, “Tumnal” by Cignol starts out with a downbeat vibe and sombre tone, before beats and percussion become highly edited with a glitch aesthetic akin to Morr Music releases. t-woc delivers his remix of “Tsur Men” by Sephirot, a wash of chopped electronics hangs around a lazy beat and synth washes and what sounds like a muted melodica, creating a haunting overtone, before percussive snatches and warm keys put a futuristic and ritualistic slant to the vibe. Both tracks have a warm organic sound to the productions, which leaves me wanting to hear more from these producers, and from the label.

It has been a long time since a label has emerged with a musical vision so focused, and the 7″ format makes it all the better for me. Here’s hoping future releases will give me pleasure as so few labels have consistently, I really want to be amazed as I was when first discovering labels such as Static Caravan and Awkward Silence.

Wayne Stronell


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