Shahmen – Enter The Circle EP (Project Mooncircle)


Shahmen - Enter The Circle

Somewhat of a super-group, with some of the major talent on the Project Mooncircle label roster. Mixed by Sense (of The Q4), with vocals from BLS and Unorthadox, and mastered by Arts The Beatdoctor, merging classic hip hop with conscious vocal flows and dark brooding atmospheres and beats.

BLS has an infectious drawl to his voice, sounding like a cowboy in an old western, after a night of drinking hard whiskey. The low drawl fits perfectly with the looped strings, usually of an eastern origin, conveying dark post apocalyptic soundscapes, yet BLS’ words have a very personal delivery, using his experience and observations on life, family and community as the inspiration behind the words, managing to instill a worldly wisdom, yet weary from hopping from one continent to the next. Jazz, funk and soul hip hop heads have been turned onto Project Mooncircle for their knack of uncovering artists that may still use the old school jazz and soul samples in an unpredictable and refreshing way, managing to avoid the stereotypical sounds from overused jazz and soul records.

I like the personal feel of this EP, and the digital rhyme book adds to that feel, collecting scribbled lyrics, artwork and photographs. Even when there is no physical product, Project Mooncircle always take pride in how the music and its message are delivered to the listener. Check out more on

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  1. Great review! You really get to the heart of what it is that separates Shahmen. Much respect.