Slightly devastated.


Apparently Clor have broken up.

In a statement from the band’s manager released to NME earlier today, the band admitted their inability “to reconcile the yin and yang of wanting to be both wildly creative and chart-bothering,” and announced their decision “not to be a pop group anymore.”

In retrospect, we should have seen this coming. The band has been MIA for months, and we should have known better than to trust the claims on their MySpace page that they were recording the follow up to last year’s self-titled debut.

There is, however, good news on the horizon for the band’s fans in the States, as their manager also says that the debut is “about to be released in America,” though we were unable to find any other sources that could confirm this information.

Despite the breakup, bandleaders Barry Dobbin and Luke Smith “are likely to continue making music along their divergent routes.” (source: Pitchfork)

They were my favourite of the ‘new’ British pop bands (aka Futureheads, Franz Ferdinand etc). They were intelligent, funny, and were as equally influenced by electronic and dance music as post punk. Apparently they are also members of Roots Manuva’s backing band. They also were responsible for two of my favourite songs last year – Dangerzone and Love & Pain.


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