Tunng available locally through Feral Media


One of my favourite albums from 2005, Tunng’s spectacular Mother’s Daughter & Other Songs is finally available locally in Australia. It has been licensed by our friends at Feral Media who have repackaged it in a lovely recycled cardboard package with a lift out mini poster and a bonus track.

The album, if you haven’t heard it, was featured in the Cyclic Music Club and everyone who has heard it has fallen in love with it. It blends traditional English folk sounding songs (although with thoroughly modern lyrics) with electronics in a way that sounds like they belong together. Electronic heads dig it, old folkies dig it, and none of us can wait for their new album out later this year . . . or their rumoured Australian tour sometime this year.

Also through Feral Media are a very limited number of their latest EP, The Pioneers, which features a cover of the Bloc Party song of the same name. Also spectacular.

Buy them online here.


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