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21/3/06 UPDATE

We are now one week into our fundraising appeal and we’re ecstatic about the results.

We’ve currently raised $2,955.

Thank you to Tim Shiel, John Jacobs, Alan Bamford, Alex Swarbrick, Eve Klein, Scot Walker, Clayton Drury, Giv Parvaneh, Karen Hayward, Tom Phillipson, Greg Stone, Danny Jumpertz, the Meupe label, Ruby Grennan, Stephen Cox, Stephanie Carrick, Kim Atkurst, Jeff Coulton, Siobhan Toohill, Mark Gowing Design, Anna Burns, Kirsten Bradley, Chris Bell, Annette Loudon, the Southern Outpost label, Gareth Evans, Richard Vankoningsveld, the Preservation label, and Hopscotch Films!

Please consider adding yourself to this list of donors. Even the smallest donation helps.

Cyclic Defrost needs your help.

It costs a lot of money to keep the magazine in its printed form – something we feel is really important in keeping it accessible and tangible.

Currently the print costs alone exceed $5,000 per issue, that’s $15,000 per year. We’ve toyed with the idea of going all digital as many you have probably realised – we’ve got the blog running efficiently as well as a host of side projects, but there is something special about a printed magazine and we think that you probably think so too.

We have considered a cover price, a small print run, as well as going for more mainstream fashion-oriented advertising but we’ve come to the realisation that doing any of those things would radically change the purpose, reach and intent of the magazine – which is essentially to offer an independent, local, specialist perspective on electronic and other music in Australia. We don’t think you want the latest fashion tips or advertorial, nor do we think you necessarily want to read ‘just another youth music mag”.

Despite the fact that all contributors do so for love alone, and we receive some funding from an art grant (due to run out in June) and selective (relevant) advertising, the fact is Cyclic Defrost needs to raise some money to continue.

If you enjoy reading Cyclic Defrost Magazine or our blog or other projects then please think about contributing and play and essential part in keeping it:

– in print
– free
– independent
– relevant
– covering the music you need
– and without being stuffed full of fashion and mobile phone adverts

Donate online to help us. You’ll be directly contributing towards keeping us going.

We have a range of CDs and other prizes to giveaway for any donation of $25 or over, and those who donate $50 or over will get posted copies of Cyclic Defrost either within Australia or anywhere in the world!

All donations of $50 and over get acknowledgement either on the website or in the magazine itself.

If you are a label and would like to offer some of your catalogue as prizes then get in touch. We can sort something out.

Donate online at –

Don’t worry, we’re not intending on shutting down, but we do need to look at new ways of keeping the print version of the magazine afloat.

If you would like to use another payment method to donate (other than credit card/paypal) then please also get in touch.

Thanks for your support.

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About Author

Seb Chan founded Cyclic Defrost Magazine in 1998 with Dale Harrison. He handed over the reins at the end of 2010 but still contributes the occasional article and review.