New look


Yeah we’ve implented a new look.

This is going to change a little more over the coming days/weeks and soon the whole Cyclic Defrost site will be changed.

If you have any problems or suggestions then please add them in the comments area.

The picture at the top is of a room sized sculpture titled ‘Bernice’ by Japanese sculptor Motohiko Odani that I saw at the Venice Biennale in 2003.


About Author

Seb Chan founded Cyclic Defrost Magazine in 1998 with Dale Harrison. He handed over the reins at the end of 2010 but still contributes the occasional article and review.


  1. Shiny!

    Very pretty, nice one! And I’m glad the RSS links are there and obvious now. I had work it out for m’self (easy as I knew it was WordPress) before, I believe.