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Cyclic Defrost now has its own group.

If you have a account then come and join us. Otherwise, join first and get going. Its free.

One of the benefits of is the forum, and of course the ability to browse fellow users playlists. Not what they say they are playing but what they are playing. (If you want to see what I am listening to . . . you can)

You also get ‘recommendations’ on other artists, tracks and users that you might like to check out. A bit like Amazon’s book recommendations – but based entirely on what you are doing not just what you are buying. (Amazon’s recommendations are always screwed up when you buy a gift for someone for example)

The group also has an automatically generated ‘radio’ station that plays licensed tracks based on the collective musical tastes of the group. Its in its early days but is already starting to build a collection of pretty relevant stuff – and as more small labels join the specialist radio will only improve. (Already I have heard a track from an artist on the Fonal label on it!)

The possibilities here are only just being explored.


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Seb Chan founded Cyclic Defrost Magazine in 1998 with Dale Harrison. He handed over the reins at the end of 2010 but still contributes the occasional article and review.