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I recently interviewed cult folk singer and recent recipenent of massive praises for her new release Lookaftering” (her first recordings in 30 odd years), Vashti Bunyan. The interview will be posted here very shortly as well as appearing in the next edition of Cyclic Defrost. In the meantime, I thought i’d post up this ultra rare video if Vashti in the mid sixties performing an early single called “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind”. In the video, she’s looking suitably self conscious such is this woman’s incredibly humble and grounded perpective on herself and her music. She was a joy to talk to – be sure to check back in here for the article soon.

One for the folkniks!

Watch/Download Vashti Bunyan“Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind”
Last minute BONUS! Another rare Vashti vid!
Watch/Download Vashti Bunyan“I Want To Be Alone”


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  1. From Vashti:
    thanks for the link – amazing.. I remember it well – it was a US programme called Shindig and it was recorded in London but never shown here. I look about 12 and very nervous. Not a natural performer!

    Happy new year to you – it was good to speak to you


  2. hi, I just discovered your music, 30 yrs after the fact I guess. diamond day is touching something in me. just want to thank you. val

  3. dawn marie devine on

    Vashti, your music is beautiful- I found it at Amoeba Music on Sunset under “staff picks” and just decided to go for it- what a wonderful surprise! “Just Another Diamond Day” is a gorgeous album. I’m looking forward to getting your new one. It’s very sensual and romantic, hopeful and poetic. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

  4. I love Just another Diamond day, The the marketing agency still use the song in the T-Mobile advert and we still get to hear it from time to time..

    Vashti is fantastic