The Night Air radio documentaries


ABC Radio’s The Night Air has some fantastic late night shows on at the moment around the theme of elecricity and sound.

From the Wurlitzer to the whammy bar, from the Theremin to turntablism, electricity has had a profound impact on music and sonic culture in general. For eight weeks beginning 830pm Sun Dec 25 ABC Radio National’ remix show The Night Air is untangling the mighty twin helix of vibe and voltage. Bob Moog, Steve Reich, Lawrence Lessig, Holger Czucay, Les Paul, Kid Koala, Richie Hawtin, Martin Ng, Karlhienz Stockhausen, David Toop, Hugh Le Caine, Kraftwerk, John Cage, Clara Rockmore, DJ Spooky, Janek Schaefer, John Oswald and too many more to mention. Featuring exclusive interviews, performances and remixes this eight part radio electro fest will keep you wired.

Most are available as podcasts on their site.


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