One packed NYE


Geeks & Freaks

Every year we put on a New Years Eve party vowing it will be the last one. Actually the only years we didn’t were 1999 and 2000. 1999 we played at Club Kooky’s party, and 2000 both Luke and I were working in our (then) IT jobs.

This year’s party, a combination event with Popfrenzy, called Geeks & Freaks has just sold out.

That means a lot of sweaty bodies jumping around to some silly (and good) music. Some of the other people on this blog are DJing as well. Rozie has dug out a stack of old flyers from the early 90s to plaster the walls as well.

I hope you are coming. We’ve got some treats in store.

And if I get it together I’ll try to record a few sets and stick them up here later. No promises.


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  1. Great night guys. The heat was a bit overwhelming, but a few of those disgusting alcoholic slushes and I was fine :)

    Some fine music was played throughout the night, as usual it was top notch!!!