Listen to Lawrence English’s bleak new remix of Yuko Araki’s ‘‡Magnetar’


There’s something kind’ve bleak about this new Lawrence English remix of Yuko Araki’s ‘‡Magnetar.’ Its a work that brings to mind his duo album with Merzbow Eternal Stalker from last year and his maximalist approach to atmospheric sound design. In fact it feels like a remix from the zone. It comes from a forthcoming remix EP, which consists of 4 remixes of ‘‡Magnetar’ and two of ‘‡Otiron’ and features Jonathan Snipes (clipping), Golpe Mortal, Nick Klein (Psychic Liberation), Portal, and Scotch Rolex (seefeel). Of course English’s mix couldn’t be more different than the original, with him really putting his personal stamp on his mix. In fact the entire EP really explores the space between Araki and her remixers in a really compelling way.

This is what Yuko Araki has to say about it:

“The last remix of “‡Magnetar” is by Lawrence English. It’s a real industrial dark ambient landscape. He also did post-production and mixing,mastering for wrapping up on IV with me.”

Featuring mutant pop, industrial electronics, extreme metal, hyperactive tribal electronics and everything in between, its remarkable the diversity of sound when using two tracks as a source.

IV X VI (Re​:​visions) will be released by Room40 9th of February 2024. You can find it here.


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