Watch an Alva Noto remix of SHHE’s ‘Boy’


SHHE is the alias of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer Su Shaw. Not as much a remix album as a reimagining of parts of her self titled debut album from last year, this sparse and tasteful rework of ‘Boy’ comes the forthcoming Re, where she has worked with the likes of rRoxymore, Sophia Loizou, Alva Noto, Black Taffy and Tommy Perman.

This is what her label One Little Independent Records has to say about it:

“SHHE has always been keen to explore themes of identity and fluidity and her debut was a sparse, evocative and atmospheric journey of introspection. Now she’s able to dissect it even further with ‘Re:’, as she revisits and reprocesses these personal meditations.”

Re is out October 9th via One Little Independent Records. You can find it here.


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