Watch an increasingly hysterical Shinjuku Thief remix of a distorted Black Lung kick drum with archival ACMI material


Okay. This is odd. You might be familiar with Australian experimental electronic artist Black Lung, or at least the man behind the moniker David Thrussell (Snog). Well the long association continues with Shinjuku Thief (aka Darrin Verhagen) who has remixed this work into the quite demented beast you see above.

All of the visual material comes from archival material from the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (ACMI), which they’re calling ” a microstructural puzzle of tight gestural relationships.” We think it’s pretty funny.

This is what they have to say about it:

“The music in ‘Kick Drum Mayhem!’ was inspired by a Black Lung distorted kick drum and then given the Shinjuku Thief treatment with Korean percussion and Wagnerian brass. The end result is so overblown that it was felt that it could provide an interesting counterweight for the zany playfulness of Ivan Gaal’s ‘Applause Please’ from 1974. Freshly edited for the millennial attention span.”

Composer/series producer – Darrin Verhagen
Kick drum and bass wobble – David Thrussell
Video editor – Zeyu Li & Adam Hunt
Sound Designer – Adam Hunt


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