Lucas Abela wants you to polish his turd


Ok, we get it we’re pretty much groupies now, with 3 Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yedham) related posts in the last couple of weeks. But how can you go past a headline like that?

So let’s recap. He is crowdfunding a children’s book. You can find that here.
He’s posted about 5 new albums in the last two weeks, you can find them here.

And now he’s launching a remix project and wants you involved. That’s the turd polishing bit. This is what he has to say for himself:

“Ok so I’ve been going through some recordings looking for gold to create another masterpiece album. Although I have found some improvisations I like there is a lot of stuff where I’m meandering a bit and may have made some decent sounds but not in the context of a complete track. So instead I’ve decided to upload some bits and bobs for you all to dissect and reassemble into hopefully something better. Some long some short, most are isolated samples, while others are separated pieces that were originally recorded in parallel that I’ve provided here as clean channels, which you may want to re sync together or not your choice. Once you’ve had a go please send me your remixes, of which I’ll be publishing my favourites here on bandcamp. Please send me tracks made only from my material you can do anything you want to it but don’t ad a guitar part etc.

P.S I’ll be adding more material as I find it but thought this lot would get the ball rolling, so if your having a go and keep an eye out for more.
PSS Feel free to remix any yeldham sounds from the catalog (don’t limit yourself to just this stuff).”

And you were starting to get bored at home….

You can find the bandcamp page/ contest here, it’s pay (or don’t pay) as much as you want.


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