Would you buy a children’s book from this guy?


Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham), he who makes ear splitting music using a sheet of glass pressed against his lips has made a children’s book with his partner artist Keg de Souza for their three year old child Ernie. We’ve obviously been big fans of Abela’s work, from his incredibly eclectic record label Dual Plover to his musical pinball machines, you can never be quite sure what he will come up with next. You can read an interview we did with him a few years ago here.

This is what they have to say about it:

“[It was] inspired by a song we made up together one night called ‘foot feet’, which was about how confusing pluralisation can be. This made us think a book about irregular plurals for toddlers would be a fun way to teach kids about the peculiarities of the English language. We then decided to incorporate the concept into a counting book to give it dual purpose as a learning tool for both Plurals and Numbers. And that’s the origin story behind Plurals Can Be Weird (you will see) a cute counting / plurals book.”

The book is called Plurals Can Be Weird (A counting book about irregular plurals) and after creating a copy for Ernie they thought other children might enjoy it too. They currently have an Indiegogo site where they’re crowdfunding/ pre ordering in order to do a limited print run. You can find out more here.


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