Time For Dreams share new video and upcoming projects


Since their performance at Meredith Music Festival last December, things have seemed pretty quiet for Melbourne duo Time For Dreams, yet it turns out there’s been a bit of activity behind the scenes. They’ve actually just finished recording their second album with James Cecil producing (Darren Sylvester, Goon Sax, The Orbweavers).

We were big fans of their debut, you can read our review here.

Amanda, who just recently completed her PHD, will also be speaking live with the legendary Vivien Goldman (Chantage, The Flying Lizards) as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. If you don’t know Goldman you should look her up, she made some pretty incredible post-punk records in the seventies with Adrian Sherwood, John Lydon and Keith Levine producing, as well as being a pioneering music writer and an adjunct professor in Punk and Reggae at NYU. She’s just published Revenge of the She-Punks: A Feminist Music History from Poly Styrene to Pussy Riot, in which she travelled the globe chronicalling pioneering female musicians. You can find out more here.

Another exciting upcoming project is a collaboration with Sara Retallick (Golden Syrup, MOD CON). Amanda and Sara are about to embark on a two-week writers residency in Evia, Greece to work on an as yet un-named project that will attempt to combine their academic studies (field recording, sound design / poetry, Greek mythology) with music and drinking.

Enjoy the clip, created with Retallick (who made the visuals for their album launch and their Meredith set) from the In Time album, I love that Tiger / My Operator.


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