FaltyDL – One For UTTU EP (Unknown To The Unknown)


New York-based electronic producer Drew Lustman only just graced us with his last EP as FaltyDL ‘If All The People Took Acid’ at the start of this year, and now this latest 12” EP on London label Unknown To The Unknown ‘One For UTTU’ sees him offering up four new tracks that leave the acid fixation of his recent work behind, in favour of a more footwork / electro-based aesthetic.

‘Untitled 111vgr’ opens things with a teeth-rattling rush of colourful piano stabs and rapid-fire snare rolls, the vast sub-bass pads that enter halfway through locking in against woody percussive off-beats and eerie robo-vox murmurs in a manner that sits somewhere between Luke Vibert and DJ Rashad.

‘Beast’ drops the pace down a few notches in favour of a hiphop / electro crawl through spidery breakers’ beats, rattling percussive flurries and wavering pitch-shifted synth drones that’s easily the most eerily spacious and chilled offering to be found here, the stuttering electro rhythms building up into a dense web of textural layers as soft-focus Detroit chords hang in the background.

On the flipside, ‘One For UTTU’ sees Lustman crafting an Anthony Rother-esque classic electro homage to the eponymous label that sends Speak N’ Spell voice synthesis and queasily pitched-down vocals descending down through icy arpeggiated synth sequences, shuffling drum machine breaks and dark ambient drones.

Finally, ‘Piano 4_9_18 Feux Master Erie 25%’ closes this EP with its most hypnotically lulling offering, as deep polyrhythmic percussion glides against digitally tweaked chirps and zaps, the sheeny synth drones that fade into focus evoking a sense of nightdrive atmosphere as the metronomic rhythms snap away in the background. As always, this is characteristically strong stuff from FaltyDL, with all of the signature ingenuity you’d expect.


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