Watch “Palestrina’s squeaky wheel” from Hollows out of time (Erik Griswold & Camerata: Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra)


This piece is performed by Erik Griswold (Prepared Piano) and Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra: Brendan Joyce, Jason Tong (Violins), Anna Colville (Viola), Katherine Philp (Cello). Hollows out of time was commissioned by Bruce and Jocelyn Wolfe for the launch of Lagavulin, a new chamber music venue in the forest at Harrigans Lane, 1 April 2018.

This is what they have to say about it:

“Hollows out of time” is a new work by Aria-nominated composer Erik Griswold, commissioned by HLC for the 2018 launch of Bruce Wolfe’s new chamber music building, Lagavulin. “Hollows” combines the unusual and percussive sounds of the prepared piano with string quartet, resulting in a fresh take on a traditional ensemble. Camerata String Quartet manages to produce an impossible range of tone colours, at times blending seamlessly with the piano’s intricate, percussive ostinatos, and at other times taking flight on its own, building up soulful and joyous layers of texture. Together, Griswold and Camerata capture a huge variety of musical styles, from blues (Blues intrusion) and bossa nova (Águas do tempo), to renaissance (Palestrina’s squeaky wheel), hard bop (Relativity Trane), and even hard rock (Another stone in the wall).”

We’ve been fans of Erik Griswold’s work for a while now. You can see his Cyclic Selects here.

You can find Hollows Out of Time here.


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