Ocoeur – Inner (n5MD/ Redeye)


There’s something incredibly gentle and restrained about Inner, the 5th album from Ocoeur. In a world full of bluster and noise, Ocoeur has created his own world, unhurried and subtle, content to allow the music to evolve and simply be.

Ocoeur is the work of Bordeux based Franck Zaragoza. You could describe his music as neo classical or ambient, with these languid synthetic synthscapes reverberating and drifting in space. I’m reminded of the work of Murcof – though without the focus on beats, with Ocoeur preferring rhythmic electronic pulses to gather his forward momentum. It also feels starker, with the instrumentation less defined, perhaps more in line with the likes of Biosphere. In a way it feels like a throwback to a decade or so ago – at times I’m waiting for glitched up electronic percussion to kick in. Yet its refusal to play to expectations is what makes the music so fascinating.

There’s something quite stately about the way the pieces build and evolve. It’s all carefully considered and the music develops so quietly, so effortlessly that at times you don’t notice. Whilst it’s much busier than ambient music, it does possess some of the genres qualities – most notably the willingness to be still. Ocoeur also effortlessly imbues his music of restraint with palpable, perhaps even cinematic sense of emotion, eliciting everything from innocence to melancholy to wide-eyed optimism.

This is incredibly evocative quite beautiful music.


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