XGlare – Morph (Blueberry)


Brooklyn-based electronic producer Jessee Egan first emerged back in 2011 with her debut EP ‘Archaea’ as Gamora, before going on to release her debut album ‘Birth Of Venus’ as Blue Nile in 2015. This latest six track 12” EP ‘Morph’ on Falty DL’s Blueberry label sees her operating under her latest alias XGlare, which Egan describes as “fusing sculpted avante garde music with a visual counterpart.”

Whatever the case, the six new tracks collected here see Egan fusing intricate digital sound design with unpredictable, constantly shifting rhythms that at points call to mind the similarly liquid likes of Actress – indeed, ‘morphing’ is the perfect description of what’s going on here.

‘Lymph’ opens proceedings with a wash of phased ambient electronics before vast looming bass pressure swells against refracted synth pulses, before ‘Fossa’ sees the slamming rhythms beginning to lock down as jagged textures shimmer and fade against the ASMR-triggering digital remnants of Ariadne’s vocals, the arrythmic breakbeats rearing up into coiled tension before suddenly dropping away completely around her wordless operatic harmonies.

‘Spore’ meanwhile offers up the closest thing to a dancefloor banger here as garage-tinged breakbeats skip and shuffle against glittering melodic tones and blissful background ambience, and echo-treated snare cracks trail away into the distance.

Elsewhere, the aptly titled ‘Morph’ calls to mind one of Amon Tobin or Eska’s contorted explorations, as a finely detailed exoskeleton of fractured rhythms lurches like battle armour around warm glowing synth tones, while the edges of the track get sheared off into fragments of glitchy noise. An impressive EP that’s visceral and cerebral in equal doses.


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