Posthuman – Wake Up (Balkan Vinyl)


On the heels of their recent ‘MetroJak One’ EP on Chiwax, London-based cousins Richard Bevan and Joshu Doherty return to their own Balkan Vinyl label for this latest 12” EP under their Posthuman alias ‘Wake Up.’ As you’d expect, the four new tracks collected here see Posthuman continuing to pursue the moody jacking acid house / techno stylings of their more recent work, and there’s an increasingly main room oriented feel to a lot of this EP.

On the A side, the original mix of ‘Wake Up’ kicks things off with a hint of pitch-black electro funk, welding metallic snare shuffles looming sub-bass swells to a robust backdrop of 4/4 kickdrums, while looped female vocal fragments get cut up, scattered and thrown through judicious levels of delay. Throughout there’s a focus on limber robotic inertia, with the darting synth vamps that emerge towards the track’s half evoking the ghost of warehouse rave more than anything as rattling snare breaks lock in.

By contrast, the ‘Acid Mix’ of the same track gets more spring-y and elastic, sending a rubbery analogue bassline filtering into harsh acid squelch while the skipping, aluminium-light hi-hats hold down the groove against scatterings of 808 toms – if anything, it’s a much warmer take than its predecessor. On the flipside, ‘Jet Set’ gets more dark and mysterious as swirling electronic effects rise up out a writhing backdrop of sub-bass pressure and dark overdriven synth bursts buzz against rippling vocal fragments, the relentless rolling 4/4 rhythms taking on an increasingly tribal feel as the track develops – there’s even a hint of trap lurking in the stacked snare rolls.

It’s a relatively new addition to Posthuman’s sound that comes into full bloom on footwork-centred closing track ‘Usurpate Acid’ as it sends rave-y synth sequences and digitally contorted acid squelches squirming alongside ricocheting cut-up female soul vocals and clattering metallic snare rolls. Another characteristically excellent EP from Posthuman that’s guaranteed to not disappoint.


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