Justin Maxwell – Synthesized Sounds For Young Humans (Touched Music)


Touched Music is probably the most interesting label that we’ve seen lately, for several reasons. As we are working on a label introduction featuring its curator, we’ll review one of its latest releases: Synthesized Sounds For Young Humans.

Justin Maxwell has been releasing music since the early 2000s, and he might be more known for his duo Volsoc, or his many productions together with John Tejada. On this occasion, he delivered a collection of tracks intended for kids, and the crossover between lullabies and in-detail electronic production turned out to be glorious.

With popular German lullabies going through acid distortions ending in slow and layered beats, like on ‘Schlaf Basslein Schlaf’, or Brahms most recognisable composition being dissected and reorganised throughout a bass amplifier, like on ‘OP1 Brahms’, Justin Maxwell leaves space for a rising child’s imagination to grow during sleep. It can also be rhythmic and loaded with joyful melodies, like on ‘Twinkle Furthrrr’, or fast-paced and close to drum and bass, like on ‘Hush Little Elektrons’.

‘Sunshine’ is our first pick of the album, with its smooth rhythm that turns into a dub approach, background noises and effects, delivering an introspective exploration at its best. ‘Rockaby303aby’ works as a trippy synth-interlude to receive the raw cut from the rave ‘Bananaphone’, probably the perfect introduction to uplifting music that could be presented to a child.

‘Arroró Mi Niño’ is our second pick here, it has a pulsating slow beat, not always present, and its a post-rave experimental trip, with ethereal sounds emerging to shape a science fiction odyssey.

There are also 2 remixes on the release, and even if John Tejada’s spacey and tech rendition works pretty well, we chose the cosmic rework made by Bass Kittens to Brahms the most recognisable piece.

Once more, Touched delivers pure quality and keeps awakening people for good causes.


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