Listen to an exclusive mix of TERRIFIC TAPES FROM TURKEY (Part 3) by Mondo Loco


Well here we are again, with DJ Mondo Loco blowing the dust off his collection of ridiculously obscure Moog driven Anatolian funk, disco and pop, interspersed with film clips, the beginnings of various songs and even a comic character called Nasrettin hoja – a nostalgic memory from his first cassette purchase as a 5 year old in Turkey.

If you haven’t heard his previous editions prepare to have your mind blown:

Part 1 -TURBO FOLK (UZELLI RECORDS 1981 – 1986) here.
Part 2 – (IKINCI BÖLÜM) here.

This from Loco’s own keyboard:

“Dear readers,

I started out making number 3 just over a year ago and was faced with many obstacles involving broken tape decks, 4.5 cassette players later I finally finished compiling these songs for your listening pleasure. I present to you Terrific Tapes from Turkey part 3. In this selection I have delved deep into the forgotten sounds from 1982 – 1989 with a focus on Moog oriental funk – synth driven disco with tinges of Dark wave scattered throughout.

These are songs I’m sure nobody has heard yet or if you’re Turkish you haven’t heard them since you were a kid at your Teyzes engagement party in a Westmeadows backyard running around high on Gold Medal coca cola.

We start with Baris Mancos magnificent 2025 intro with my kids screaming MONDO LOCO over the top, there’s something for everyone here from Cuneyt Arkin movie dialog to The Hursid Yenigun orkestrasi, music from Kemal sunal films, Grup Turbo with Ruya Cagla, classic Taverna Cassettes such as Kina Gece and Kizlar Tavernasi, Ottostop + Ask Gemesi (love boat) plus much more finishing off with a out-of-this-world version of EMINE by Derdiyoklar

So for the ones hearing these songs again I say close your eyes and let the songs take you back to those moments of the early 80s such as memories of driving around with your dad and uncle looking for a lamb to sacrifice for Kurban bayram celebrations (yes it did happen) or if you’re hearing these songs for the first time please listen and enjoy without any expectation because you have never heard anything like this before. I present to you from my heart TERRIFIC TAPES FROM TURKEY # 3.

Yours truly legit,

Serhan Ali (MONDO LOCO) *”


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