Listen to Robert Takahashi Crouch’s ‘I Fear Death’ his exclusive mix for Cyclic Defrost


Robert Takahashi Crouch is an artist and curator whose work encompasses sound, performance, and technology. He suggests “his work can be understood as a conversation between tonality, context, history and subjectivities.” His latest work, Jubilee (Room40) is an at times gentle, at others quite powerful listen. The three pieces at varying lengths, from six and a half minutes to almost twenty are drone based electronics with periodic crescendos yet couldn’t be more different from each other. Its music that you would struggle to describe as a unified whole as there’s a complexity to it that makes it quite difficult to pigeonhole thanks to the different approaches and intentions employed in each piece. Yet this is what makes it so fascinating.

In the liner notes Crouch ponders:

“What can be communicated in my chosen medium, how can I do this, and where (or what) is the porous boundary between my authorship and the listeners agency?”

Strangely you can hear this question in the music. We were quite taken with Jubilee and asked if he would be interested in making a mix for us – and we couldn’t be happier with the results which are as complex and seemingly contradictory as his music. This is really something special.

Jubilee is released via Room40 on the 15th of October. You can find it here.

Robert Takahashi Crouch: I Fear Death

1. Ted Berrigan – Excerpts from Memorial Day
2. Ellen Arkbro – Mountain of Air
3. Bethan Kellough – An Opening
4. Eliane Radigue – Kyema
5. ISIS – Weight (Fennesz remix)
6. Nadja – Thaumogenesis
7. Mare – Sun for Days
8. Bass Communion – 16 Second Swarm
9. Steve Roden – The Radio
10. Talk Talk – It’s Getting Late in the Evening


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