Hopefully you’ve had a listen to DJ Mondo Loco’s Terrific Tapes from Turkey Part One, which saw him delving into the Turbo Folk of Uzelli records from 1981-1986. If not you can listen to it here.

This is what he says about part 2:

“I can’t tell you much about this cassette it took me a while to find any info on it at all to be honest mainly because it was released by German Turkish label “MINARECI” which re-released Turkish albums to the German Turkish population so a lot of their catalog from the 80s are cassette compilations and re-re-releases of Turkish Vinyl from the 70s.”

“This brings us to this standout instrumental Psych-Oriental Funk monster! A mashed up tape compilation of the best of Turkish groove band “KUPA DORTLUSU”, we are taken on a fuzzed out trip through traditional Turkish “oyun hava” (Turkish belly-dance) music with some heavy funk, rock, disco renditions!”

“From what I could gather this tape was based on the bands 2 most popular albums, the 1976 mystic belly Dance LP titled Oyuna Davet and their 7” E.P non-stop 5 track release Although many songs are the same they are performed in a total different way. Faster, more mystic and more groovy.”

“Sit back, pour a cognac and enjoy: TERRIFIC TAPES FROM TURKEY 2. KUPA DÖRTLÜSÜ – OYUN HAVALARI.”

And here is side B:

Mondo Loco is a resident DJ at No Scene, alongside Raceless (Curse Ov Dialect) and Dean Ariff. Alongside a series of special guests, it celebratres explore all genres of the underground scenes world wide from Turkish Psych to Experimental Euro Hip Hop – Tribal Tech Basslines, jungle-tek to breakcore, noise and synth wave. Their next night is Dec 14 at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne. You can find out more here.


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