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You may already know Melbourne-based electronic producer Matt Watson via his recent percussion work alongside Lisa MacKinney and Ollie Olsen in Taipan Tiger Girls, but he’s also recently released his third album as Other Places ‘Lost In The Sea Of Paradise’ on It Records, which fuses electro funk, techno, komische and house elements into a deeply emotional, occasionally melancholic collection of tracks. Cyclic Selects caught up with Matt to find out more about the records that form part of his musical DNA.

Dead Eyes Opened – Severed Heads – Since the Accident 1983
This song wanders between the sickly sweet and abrasive noise with a resolve that forever sends a chill up my spine. Genius.

Appalachian Grove – Laurie Spiegel 1974
I adore this work. It serves as a constant reminder of what is truly important to me in electronic music composition.

00:49:06 – Ollie Olsen – Emptiness 2000
Before becoming a friend and collaborator, I was already a massive fan of Ollie’s extensive catalogue of work. The moment I heard his album Emptiness I was transformed. It’s deep. It’s beautiful. It’s alien. One of my most listened to albums and endlessly inspiring.

Map Ref. 41 N 93 W – Wire – 154 1979
This track has always been whirling beneath the surface of my psyche. It elevates in a truly inspired fashion. The production is perfect, the energy timeless and I never sing all the lyrics right.

Teardrop – Santo & Johnny 1960
The Farina brothers’ steel and guitar combination created so many beautiful songs and I love them all, even the total cornball stuff. They tapped into something very special with their worldwide hit Sleepwalk in 1959 – so dreamy and pure. Teardrop came out a year later and possesses all the beauty of Sleepwalk but with extra wonk and a little more stardust.

Out on the Rolling Sea – Joseph Spence – Good Morning Mr Walker 1972
Joseph Spence is one of a kind. He never fails to clear the clouds away and has been my go-to pick-me-up for as long as I can remember. When I am drinking this is what I want to listen to. When I am alone this is what I want to listen to. When I am drinking alone this is what I want to listen to.

Hollywood – CLUSTER Zuckerzeit 1974
This is the opening track from Zuckerzeit, my favourite German record from this period. Hollywood always floors me with how blown-out the drum machine sounds. Never static; amazingly rich, raw and immersive music.

Do You Be – Meredith Monk – Key 1971
The greatest and only voice I am interested in listening to within instrumental music. A progressive free thinker and a beacon for what a truly creative mind can produce. This work is so sublime I could listen for days.

Day Breaks, Night Heals – Thomas Leer & Robert Rental – The Bridge 1979
This track warms me up and cools me down day or night, in all weather. Eternally cool.

Surfside -Denver Men 1963
Sydney group Denver Men appeared in 1961 and had a hit in 1963 with their second single Surfside. A wobbly kaleidoscopic dream that comes in well under three minutes featuring sounds of the ocean to support a dreamy guitar instrumental. A short-lived but popular sound shortly to be destroyed by Beatle-mania.

Other Places’ ‘Lost In The Sea Of Paradise’ is out now on It Records.


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