Watch the intriguing clip for ‘Prophecy’ from Sydney artist Jack Prest’s new album


Sydney based Jack Prest works in electronic dance music and DJ culture, sound design, experimental composition, avant-garde theatre and dance choreography. He’s also a senior engineer at Studios 301, Australia’s largest recording facility. There, he has recorded for labels such as Stones Throw, Wondercore Island, Future Classic and Kitsune.

‘Prophecy’ is the second single from The Risk of Hyperbole Vol. 2, which came from a week in the recording studio, merging improvisation with a graphic score with Claire Edwardes, Jason Noble and Freya Schack-Arnott (Ensemble Offspring), Dave Rodriguez (Godtet/Sampa The Great), Benjamin Freeman (Jonti, Dieyoungs), Nicholas Meredith (KCIN) and Jerrol Renaud (The Goods, Tones and I). It’s a session that has yielded three distinct works and 30-40 compositions. Vol.1 premiered at Phoenix Central Park, whilst Vol.2 will be released via Art As Catharsis. The clip is pretty unusual in itself, highlighting the mysterious atmospheres and otherworldly quality in the music.

This is what Prest has to say about it:

“It’s like the extended version of the story, going further with all the ideas and moods that are in the show. Vol.1 was for all the sound art vibes, Vol.2 dives deep on ambient and contemporary classical and Vol.3 is all the experimental club music… Along with the performance work, I see it all as one interdisciplinary artwork, one conceptual whole.”

The Risk of Hyperbole Vol. 2 will be released via Art As Catharsis on the 31st of March 23. You can find it here.


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