Watch Alexandra Spence’s gorgeous new work inspired by the ocean


Alexandra Spence is an artist and musician from Sydney. She makes installations, compositions and performances based on common sounds and listening. With an interest in resonance, vibration and everyday sound, her aesthetic favours small sounds, object interventions, and unusual sound sources. We were quite taken with her debut album on Room40, 2019’s She Heard The Fluttering, in which she pondered whether colour, images or sensations can become aural. At the time we asked her to do a Cyclic Selects for us – which you can read here.

Her latest work is similarly conceptual, inspired by the ocean and all the different kinds of movement that occurs within. This piece, ‘Blue Waves’, is our first taste of her forthcoming album Blue Waves, Green Waves. It’s such a strange beautiful approach to composition. It’s languid and enticing. It feels like liquid, as her strange tones drift and swell, these gorgeous sonic eddies lapping gently at each other. It’s quite remarkable.

This is what She has to say about it:

“Blue waves, Green waves is more a personal attempt to connect with this vast watery body – evoking the physical sensation of being in, and with the ocean – sea spray (thick with salt) lashing skin, foamy whitewater evaporating through fingers, inhaling the salty water of a wave, air bubbles hissing past ears as they escape to the surface.”

Blue Waves, Green Waves will be released by Room40 on the 24th of June 2022. You can find it here.


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