Listen to a mesmerising track by Jay Glass Dubs off a new generative AI music compilation


This is what they have to say about it:

“With the help of digital media and algorithms, generative music is now utilized in a new and fascinating world of AI-music tools. Since 2016 Mubert has been one of the leading services supporting a new generation of forward-thinking producers and composers to work with generative systems in their own way. In 2021 Mubert invited the most innovative, subversive, and visionary artists of the moment to collaborate with their AI.”

25 artists from different areas of music and from all around the globe have been creating infinite streams for Mubert over the last six months. And this collection comes from these artists including noisy Indonesian avant metal from Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi (Senyawa), UK underground artists Helena Celle, Richard Youngs and Astral Social Club, plunderphonic electronics from Ergo Phizmiz and Wojciech Kucharzcyk, new work by leading Greek producers Jay Glass Dubs and Abyss X, the sound of contemporary experimentation in America with 8ULENTINA, Tomu DJ and Tristan Arp, the Ukrainian mavericks Etapp Kyle and Mlin Patz.

‘Infinite Limits’ is out 14th January, and is available as a pay what you want download. You can find it here.


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