Listen to the soothing sounds of Part Timer’s new music


Uk born Melbourne resident Part Timer (aka John McCaffrey) is back with some new music born out of the extended lockdown that Melbourne has experienced. McCaffrey’s folk tinged electronics have always felt sweet, melancholic and gentle, yet the music on Falter feels even more fragile, the kind of beauty where even a slight breeze could cause everything to collapse. This is quiet music, an antidote to the anger, blaming and bluster that seems to surround us at the moment. Whilst this EP consists of four tracks, at the time of writing he’s just released another two tracks called Reopening.

We spoke to him 2011, where he told us about his day job as an occupational therapist. You cam read that interview here. We also reviewed his Lost Tribe Sound album Real to Reel of the same year here.

You can find Falter here, and Reopening here.


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