Watch a video of ‘Zeit’ the new track from GAS


GAS is the work of German producer and co founder of Cologne-based electronica and techno label Kompakt, Wolfgang Voigt. Whilst he also makes techno under his own name, his work as GAS is really something quite special, something mysterious and unique. With iconic imagery of the forest that inspired him and these long form ambient neo classical house inflected tunes, the project has gained a cult following around the world. So when new GAS drops we sit up and take notice. We’ve no idea whether there’s an album on the way or if this is simply a musical lifeline during a time of peril. The video comes from his live show.

This is what his label has to say about it:

“GAS fantasizes about a sound body ranging somewhere between Schönberg and Kraftwerk, between bugle and bass drum. GAS is Wagner in the guise of glam rock, Hansel and Gretel on acid. An endless march through the undergrowth—into the disco—of an imaginary, misty forest.”

You can download Zeit here.


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